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Stop Smoking at the Brisbane Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Clinic

Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Marijuana, curb Alcohol Consumption and Stop Gambling.

Many of the smokers we see cease smoking at the first Hypnotherapy session. Using hypnosis and our unique HypNoSmoke® process also helps them reduce withdrawals and cravings.

It is also really important that you stop smoking for your own reasons and not for someone else's. If you are not then it is advised that you reconsider your reasons to stop smoking. Also important is that you are backing yourself to stop and if you are serious about quitting then you are already half way there and our job as hypnotherapists is to help you deal with the other half.

We also help many people stop smoking marijuana using the methods we have developed enabling them to lead lives free of dependency. Using pot often starts out as fun but as life progresses it sometimes leads to people to become detached from those around them. Smoking weed can also create or add to existing or predisposed health problems.

Drinking alcohol excessively is becoming more of a problem in today's society the variety and availability of alcohol has never been greater and for some people this leads to developing a habit of consumption that increases over time. Binge drinking on weekends or just a steady nightly consumption can lead to problems at home, work or even with strangers. Young children growing up watching there role models drinking regularly can influence their behaviour in the years ahead. Using hypnosis to either cut back or stop drinking all together has helped many people get their lives back on track.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically verified safe and effective technique that can and does promote accelerated changes in behavior and encourages mental and physical well-being.

So if you are serious about ending that habit perhaps it's time to call us now.

Our primary focus is to provide you with an individualised and caring hypnosis session that will assist you to quit smoking cigarettes, stop smoking cannabis, give up or cut back on alcohol or stop gambling and make the changes you desire. Let us help you to make your life happier, healthier and more productive. After your first session of hypnotherapy you will receive a FREE relaxation CD to help you stay attuned to relaxation and a calmer mind.

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